Create A Project/ Gantt Chart

Click on the Add Gantt Chart button on the Gantt Tab.

Add Gantt Chart

This will open the Project Details window.

Project Details window

Project Name – Enter the Project Name
Eg. Onboard Ingest Process

Sheet Name Enter the name of the excel worksheet that needs to be created. Don’t use special characters and spaces
Eg. OnboardIngest

Project Lead Enter the name of the Project Manager

I care about costs – Check this box when your project needs to be tracked with costs. If you don’t care about costs uncheck the box and Gantt Excel will disable all cost fields throughout the template.
Tip – You can change this option later as well if you change your mind.

Estimated Budget – Approximation of the total cost for the project

Baseline Budget – The original estimated budget should be entered here and this should not ideally be changed. While the estimated budget may change over time the baseline budget should not be changed. This gives management a fair idea as to what the original estimation was and helps them compare this with the Estimated Budget and the Actual costs of the project.

Click the OK button when you have entered all the information. As soon as you click the OK button a new excel worksheet with a Gantt chart timeline is magically created for you.

Gantt Chart Timeline

A task is also added by default to give you a jump-start.

Edit Project Details

Double-click the Project Name in the Gantt Chart or click the Edit Project Details button and this will open up the Project Information popup. Make changes and click the Ok button.

Edit project details