Installation & Activation


The best thing about Gantt Excel is there is NO installation. Its just another macro enabled excel file that opens if you have Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 on your Windows PC/ notebook or Excel 2016 on your Mac (depending on the version you purchase).


All you have to do is downloadsave the file on to your desktop or my documents folder and then open the file and Enable Macros.

Gantt Excel Macros
Activating License Key

When you buy Gantt Excel ProUltimate or Mac Ultimate, a license key is sent to you via email. This key is also available on the Downloads page when you log in to Gantt Excel.

Assuming you have downloaded the Pro or Ultimate or Mac Ultimate version of the Excel file…

    1. Open the file and click on Enable Macros.
      Gantt Excel Macros
    2. Click the Activate License button in the Gantt Tab.
      activate gantt
    3. Enter your full name, email address and license code and click the Activate button.
      Activate license
    4. You will see a success message. Please note that you will need to activate the file only once. Once activated, the license code is stored within the file.
      License code validation
    5. Save the file. You can choose to keep this as your master file and make copies of it when you want to start a new project.
      Note – Always save the file using the Save option in excelDo not use the Save As option and just in case you do then please always save it with the extension .xlsm

Upgrade from Free Version file.

If you are upgrading from the free version file you click on the Upgrade button on the Gantt tab and the same license activation popup will show up.
Please enter the details, activate and save the file. The data that you entered in the free version will stay and you can continue to build up your project plan.

upgrade button

This is a one-time thing. You won’t have to keep adding a license every time you open the file.

  1. Do not share the license code with anyone. The license key is linked to your account only. However, you may share the file with your colleagues to collaborate. They won’t need the license key to update the file.
  2. If you lose your license code you can log in to Gantt Excel and visit the Downloads page to retrieve it.